We are proud to

Personally Invite You to …

The 10 Inescapables

Awareness Workshop 2018

Vienna (in English)

Most people who have worked in an organization for any length of time
will recognize that there are lots of ‘people problems’
that somehow just seem ‘inescapable’.

Are you Ready…
  • For Whom?

    • For everyone who wants to survive and thrive in modern work life.
    • It is a perfect fit for Managers, Leaders, HR- and OD-Professionals, Coaches.
  • With Whom?

    • in a small group
    • with Ian McGarryColin Gaffney and Erich Platzer:
      The founders of The 10 Inescapables
      from United Kingdom and Austria.
to Invest…
  • How Long?

    • Day 1 … 10:00 – 18:00
    • Day 2 … 09:00 – 17:00
  • COSTS?

    • For a special VIP rate of 790 EUR for 1,5 days
      (incl. coffee breaks / excl. accommodation & VAT)
… in your Experience?

Yes, I will join the Workshop:
I want to start dealing effectively
with the 10 Inescapables!

Have you ever experienced
these behaviours?

  • Experienced people saying one thing and doing another

    … you know you have agreement in a meeting and then … nothing or worse the person does the opposite of your agreement?

  • felt intimitated by someone

    … although you have been loyal and supportive

  • Experienced people changing their behaviour radically

    … depending on who is in the room?

  • Wondered, no matter what you do

    … why some people refuse to like you or even cooperate with you?

  • Worked in a team

    … characterised by conflict and work avoidance?

  • Met people who claim to be leaders

    … but only seem capable of self aggrandising?

What’s the potential trouble?

These types of behaviours are to greater or lesser degrees
very common and very human.
They are as we like to say inescapable!

All this strange behaviour would be comical
if it wasn’t so problematic and occasionally destructive.

It will influence and can block …

Your Job Success
or Performance

Your Job Satisfaction
and Engagment

Delivering and
Your Goals

How can I benefit from this workshop?

  • Day 1

    • Explore The 10 Inescapables.
    • Understand their impact on you and people
    • Understand individual and professional benefits of dealing with them more effectively
    • Understand why power & politics exist in organisations
    • Explore in depth how to quicker recognize power & politics at play at work
    • Find out how you can respond emotionally & socially intelligent.
  • Day 2

    • Explore in depth how to respond positively and effectively when faced with power & political games
    • Understand how you can deal with power & politics while keeping your principles and values
    • Take away tools to “start to change the game”.

Do you want to get
a flavour of the workshop?

The 10 Inescapables is a

Unique Personal Development Programme

to …


Broaden your abilities

to better recognize & diagnose


Expand your response repertoire

to deal more effectively


Retain your mental, emotional

and physological sanity



ready to apply

in everyday work life


based on evidence

from social and

organisational psychology


Perform with

effectiveness, satisfaction

and success

Yes, please inform me about the next workshop:

I want to start dealing effectively with the 10 Inescapables!

Do you know someone
that can benefit from this workshop?

Quality Tools. Learning Process.

For each of The 10 Inescapables we have spent years and are continuing to select and develop tools based on appropriate and up-to-date research

  • To provide you with knowledge & tools
  • You can apply immediately
  • To benefit personally and be more effective at work
  • Enabling better business results

With all of The 10 Inescapables we have designed brain-friendly learning-processes (face-to-face and virtual) to allow quick understanding and immediate application.